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Grinding Wheels | Series 44 Tool Post Grinders

Grinding Wheels | Dumore Series 44 Tool Post Grinders

Dumore offers a range of grinding wheels for the Series 44 tool post grinders to meet the majority of grinding applications.

Each grinding wheel has a "Use Code" designating the intended use:

1 = General-purpose. For steels up to Rockwell C45 hardness
2 = For cast iron, brass and other non-ferrous materials, including Sulzer Metco 445, 447, and 18C plasma spray coatings
3 = For stainless steels, Rockwell C45-C59 hardness steels, and all stainless steel based plasma spray coatings
4 = For steels of Rockwell C60 hardness and higher

Grinding wheels for Series 44 tool post grinders are made from aluminum oxide (A) or silicon carbide (S) as denoted by the "Wheel Material Code".

Series 44 tool post grinders handle 3/8" bore diameter standard grinding wheels up to 3" wheel diameter, and 1/4" bore diameter grinding wheels for deeper grinds with included Wheel Arbor 421-0012.

Also see 1/4" mounted points and 1/8" mounted points available for Series 44 tool post grinders.