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Theory of Operation - Series 60 Automatic Feed Drills & Tappers

The two basic operating movements incorporated into the Dumore Series 60 automatic feed drills are controlled rotation and traverse. Rotation is supplied via a permanent magnet DC motor. Rate of rotation (rpm) is determined by the variable speed control included with the unit.
Traverse is the advance and retract movement of the rotating cutter and is caused by controlled air pressures. These air pressures are created at the installation air source (air compressor) and transmitted through an airline, filter, and oiler to the automatic feed drill. Dumore Series 60 automatic feed drills have built in air regulators.
Basic electrical and pneumatic controls are built into Dumore Series 60 automatic feed drills to simplify automatic operation. The primary purpose of these controls is to regulate the amount of pneumatic pressure, how fast the air should move, and when it should act.

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