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Automatic Feed Drills & Tappers

Dumore automatic feed drills and tappers have always been at the forefront of automated production.

  • Portable - easily moved from one set up to another
  • Easy to mount in any position
  • Low cost, easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance

These electro-mechanical automatic feed drills and tappers, or self feed drills & tappers, provide versatile, cost-effective customized solutions for dedicated drilling and tapping stations that turn out more precision parts in less time.

Automatic Feed Drills & Tappers | Self Feed Drills & Tappers | Dumore Series 28

The Series 28 automatic feed drills & tappers, or self feed drills & tappers, accept multiple spindle drill heads and are available in cost saving kits.
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Automatic Feed Drills | Self Feed Drills | Dumore Series 60

The slim and compact Series 60 automatic feed drills, or self feed drills, deliver maximum drilling capacity, making them ideal for compact set-ups and close-center drilling. Choose either the high speed or low speed version.
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