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Selecting A Tool Post Grinder

The first and most important steps in selecting the appropriate tool post grinder for your lathe or machine tool are:

1. Select a tool post grinder that matches the swing of your lathe (see table below)

2. Select a tool post grinder that can be mounted so the centerline of the grinding wheel is at the centerline of your workpiece

Tool Post Grinder

For Lathes With Swings

Series 14

Up to 7"

Series 44

8" - 14"

Series 57

9" - 20"

Series 12

20" or larger

Series 25

20" or larger

Once you’ve determined which tool post grinder(s) fit your lathe or machine tool, consider the following:

Dumore offers two types of tool post grinders – “integral spindle” tool post grinders and “interchangeable spindle” tool post grinders. The smaller Series 14 and Series 44 tool post grinders are integral spindle tool post grinders, meaning they have just one spindle option, which is built into the grinder. Additional collets and arbor adaptor are available to increase versatility of these tool post grinders. The larger Series 57, Series 12 and Series 25 tool post grinders are interchangeable spindle tool post grinders, meaning they are designed to accept a variety of spindles for different grinding applications.

When you have a choice of tool post grinders that fit you lathe, generally an interchangeable spindle tool post grinder will give you the most versatility in covering a wider range of grinding applications. For greatest versatility it is also generally best to choose the largest tool post grinder that will fit you lathe.

Several Dumore tool post grinders are available in either single phase or 3-phase, with a selection of voltage options, or with the choice of either and induction or universal motor. For internal grinding, the higher speeds available with our universal motors are usually more advantageous. For applications where the motor direction must be reversed, an induction motor should be selected. Induction motors are brushless and run quieter. For very dirty work with considerable dust and/or coolant mist surrounding the tool post grinder, consider a totally enclosed motor.