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Series 28 Automatic Feed Drills & Tappers

Dumore electro-mechanical automatic feed drills and tappers, or self feed drills & tappers, provide versatile, cost-effective customized solutions for dedicated drilling and tapping stations, turning out more precision parts in less time.

Dumore automatic feed drills accept multiple spindle drill heads, have a low air consumption requirement of 5 scfm or less, and with no mechanical parts - gears, clutches or lead screws - required, eliminate the major cause of problems in ordinary tapping machines.

Automatic Feed Drill Kits | Self Feed Drill Kits | Dumore Series 28

Series 28 automatic feed drills, or self feed drills, are available in cost saving kits designed to meet the most common applications.
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Automatic Feed Drill Unit & Motors | Self Feed Drill Unit & Motors | Dumore Series 28

Select the Series 28 automatic feed drill motor that best meets your application - drilling or combined drilling and tapping opertations.
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