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Grinding Wheels | Series 9 Hand Grinders

Grinding Wheels | Dumore Series 9 Hand Grinders

Dumore offers a range of grinding wheels for the Series 9 hand grinders to meet the majority of grinding applications.

Each grinding wheel has a "Use Code" designating the intended use:

1 = General-purpose. For steels up to Rockwell C45 hardness
3 = For stainless steels, Rockwell C45-C59 hardness steels, and all stainless steel based plasma spray coatings
4 = For steels of Rockwell C60 hardness and higher

Grinding wheels for Series 9 hand grinders are made from aluminum oxide.

The Series 9 hand grinder threaded spindle handles 3/8" bore diameter standard grinding wheels up to 1 1/4" wheel diameter and high speed grinding wheels up to 2" wheel diameter. Add optional Wheel Arbor 421-0012 for 1/4" bore diameter grinding wheels.

Also see rotary files, 1/4" mounted points, 1/8" mounted points (with optional 1/8" Reducing Collet 503-0012) and other accessories available for Series 9 hand grinders.